Peering into a jaguar’s eyes

The new Ultra HD TV from LG offers such sharp and detailed pictures that the mysteries of wildlife are revealed

A new Ultra HD TV from the South Korea electronic firm, the LG SJ850T Super UHD TV boasts outstanding 4K resolution and impressive HDR (high dynamic range) display technology to ensure you enjoy a spectacular picture no matter what you choose to watch.

The SJ850T features advanced Nano Cell technology for rich, accurate colours with a wide viewing angle. LG says the technology helps enhance more than a billion colours and ensures the colours are accurate.

While usually you have to sit bang in front of the TV to enjoy colours without distortion, the Nano Cell Display enhances offaxis colour consistency and it eliminates colour distortion at a wider viewing angle.

LG Ultra HD TV

The new Super UHD TV uses Multi Active HDR technology to support premium HDR content in Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG formats. Movies using HDR have been specially recorded with multiple cameras to enhance pictures details in both highlighted and shadowed areas and viewing them requires an HD-Renabled set to make most of the spectacular colours and details.

The SJ850T is attractive too, with an elegant white back and thin bezels. Its silver curved stand looks great on the TV table.

The new TV also has very good sound, using an onboard speaker system code-signed by Harman/Kardon. The system has been custom-tuned to provide clean and powerful fullrange audio in your living room. The speakers have 40 watts of output and 20 watts of woofer and support HiFi audio as well as the DTS decoder.

The new TV runs on LG’s web-OS 3.5, which is simple and fun to use. It comes with the LG Magic Remote for conveniently controlling various functions and features.

LG says its web-OS 3.5 uses a security manager certified by UL Cyber-security Assurance Program against hacking so you can be sure that your private data will not be hacked.

LG Ultra HD TV

Two models of the SJ850T series are available from LG Thailand – the 65-inch and 55-inch display. I got to try the 55-inch model.

During the test, I found that the web-OS 3.5 is really easy to use and very simple to set up. The web-OS guided me to set up the TV by selecting the country and guided me to set the live TV and set-top box connection. It has builtit a DVBT2 tuner. It also offered to tune in the magic remote to my settop box’s remote so I could use it as universal remote.

The web-OS is powered by a quad core processor and it has a built-in WiFi adapter and web browser.

When you press the Home button on the Magic Remote, it will bring up web-OS 3.5 launcher bar that allows you to jump to various functions easily. For example, the launcher bar can let you access YouTube app, Netflix app, web browser, Live TV or any HDMI input port.

When watching the TV, you can move the Magic Remote’s cursor to the top right corner of the screen to bring up list of TV programmes, allowing you to easily switch to the channel you want to watch without having to remember channel numbers.

The quality of HD channels of the digital TV looked sharp and beautiful on the new LG TV and I thoroughly enjoyed TrueVisions’ HD channels during the test. I spent plenty of time watching sports on the provider’s beIN and TrueSport HD channels, including a match featuring Chanathip Songkrasin, a star of the Thai national team, playing in J-League matches. The pictures were sharp and never blurred even in the fastest sequences.

I also tried streaming iflix movies using Chromecast to one HDMI port of the SJ850T. The pictures were beautiful and sharp and the movies sounded great as well.

But of course, the most impressive viewing during the test was of 4K HDR movies. I tested the TV by playing movies of HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats provided by LG as well as HDR 4K clips on YouTube. The pictures were sharp and beautiful and I could see even the tiniest details. For example, in one clip, the dark night was displayed in high contrast with the lights of buildings. In another scene, details of dimmed chapel could be clearly seen. And in yet another, the colours of forests and wild animals were very bright and so detailed that I could clearly see the texture of a jaguar’s eyes.

The LG Super UHD TV SJ850T of 65-inch display sells for Bt99,990 and 55-inch model for Bt65,990.

LG Ultra HD TV key specs

– Resolution 3840×2160 pixels

– Refresh rate: 100 Hz

– Pixel Dimming / Local Dimming: Advanced Local Dimming

– HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG

– Speaker System: 2.2 Ch 40W

– Woofer: 20W

– Smart Operating System: web-OS 3.5

– Processor: Quad Core

– Ports: 4xHDMI 2.0A, 2xUSB 2.0, 1xUSB 3.0, 1xRFin, 1xCompositein, 1xComponentin, 1xdigtial audio out (optical) 1xLAN, 1xHeadphone

– W x H x D with stand: 1229mm x 765mm x 247mm

– W x H x D without stand: 1229mm x 708mm x 58mm

– Weight with stand: 19.6kg

– Weight without stand: 18.1kg


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