REVIEW: Sony Extra Bass headphones – When too much bass is not enough


By Paisal Chuenprasaeng

There’s an app to make Sony’s thunder-clapping Extra Bass headphones go even deeper

Sony has made its MDRXB950N1 overear headphones the flagship of its Extra Bass series, with noise cancelling, wireless streaming and, as the name suggests, bass that can’t be beat.

Bluetooth technology with NFC one-touch paring function requires a decent battery, and the one deployed here can last up to 22 hours even with Extra Bass and digital noise cancelling turned on.

The noise cancelling involves thick ear cushions to block out ambient noise so you can hear every tiny detail in the music.

sony extra bass

With Extra Bass, the low-end frequencies are enhanced, toggled on and off via the Bass Effect button.

But wait – you need even more bass? Get the Sony Headphones Connect app on your smartphone and Bluetooth-link it to the XB950N1. The bass will be unbearable to some people’s ears, but not yours, of course. You’re a pro – or possibly deaf.

The app can boost the bass by another 10 levels. If by chance your nose starts to bleed, use the app to rein it back a little bit.

The same app is good for surround effects as well – Arena, Club, Outdoor State and Concert Hall. It will even show the headphones’ battery-charge level.

On the left-ear pad are the power, Bass Effect and Noise Cancelling buttons and a slot for an audio cable when the battery runs out.

On the right-ear pad are the volume buttons and a multifunction switch for jumping tracks, pausing and resuming play and answering and ending a phone call.

sony extra bass

Bluetooth connecting is a breeze thanks to NFC. I tested the headphones with a Sony Walkman NWA25 and Huawei Mate 8 phone and easily connected by gently knocking the various NFC marks together.

I found the headphones comfortable to wear for long hours thanks to the adjustable headband and really soft cushions on the ear pads. The headphones weigh 290 grams without the cable attached, so they’re quite light.

The headphones use 40mm drivers and have a frequency response of 20hz to 20,000hz.

The bass definitely roars in these headphones, but you also pick up with higher tonal ranges in detail and with tremendous clarity.

I ran my usual ultimate test, playing AC/DC’s “Rock or Bust” album. My nose didn’t bleed, but the Fitbit on my wrist became very agitated.

Sony’s MDRXB950N1 wireless noise-cancelling headphones retail for Bt7,990. You get a carrying pouch, headphone cable and USB charging cable.

Key Specs

– Headphone type: Closed dynamic

– Driver unit: 40mm dome

– Frequency response: 20Hz20,000Hz

– Cord type: Detachable singlesided

– Cord length: 1.2m (supplied headphone cable)

– Plug: Lshaped stereo mini on headphone cable

– Usage time: 22 hours with noise-cancelling on

– Charge time: 7 hours

– Wearing style: Around ear

– Weight: 290grams without cable


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