Reword Chrome extension stops you from writing negative comments online


Reword is a Google Chrome extension designed to help try and tackle trolling and cyberbullying.

It aims to stops make users think twice before posting negative comments online.

The tool has been developed by Australia’s National Youth Mental Health Foundation to try and combat cyberbullying.

Reword uses similar functionality to a spell checker in that it puts a red line through any text it thinks may be offensive or unkind.

Users can also add more words or phrases to its database and its creators are encouraging users to contribute more insults in order to make Reword more intuitive.


Reword is currently only available to users of Google Chrome but its creators have announced plans to launch the tool on Firefox and Safari.

The tool will work across most social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as on most email providers.

The Reword website also provides instructions on how to install the extension on a network, with its creators saying it could be used in schools or other organisations.

You can give Reword a try and add it to your Chrome browser by clicking here.


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