Is the rumoured new smaller iPhone 6 Apple’s unspoken apology?


Rumours are abound that Apple are making a return to the classic four inch form factor that they used for the iPhone 5, 5S and the 5C with a new iPhone 6 model next year.

This year saw Apple release the iPhone 6 Plus, the largest iPhone ‘phablet’ to date to take on the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series but speculation is saying that, in 2015, Apple will be making smaller phones again – but why?

The reason is simple. Sales.  

The iPhone 5, 5S and 5C are still selling enough for Apple to consider them part of their lineup but could it also be a step back and something of an admission of guilt after all the incidents that plagued the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus?

These two models were Apple’s first attempt at a larger handset and it did not go without incident.

Is the iPhone 6 Plus too big?

iPhone 6

Bending phones for example and the fact that some people thought that perhaps it was too big for their pocket did not help endear the latest iPhone handsets to the usual Apple crowd who often queue for weeks to get their latest technology.

So is there a future in Apple creating phones with larger screens or should they just return to what they do best?

Many people still prefer the original 4 inch form factor due to it being easy to hold in the hand and operate and the convenience of being able to just put it in a pocket without worrying about it being too big and possibly getting stolen.

I still think that, besides the iPod, the best thing Apple ever gave us was the iPhone 4, after that it just seemed to go downhill and get more and more diluted with each iteration.

And the new phones still sold in droves.

The release of the iPhone 6S next year along with the hotly anticipated Apple Watch definitely shows that Apple still have ambition and believe in the Apple brand and their products but Apple will also be releasing a 4 inch model alongside it all.

But what if the Apple Watch is designed to work best with the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus?

That would make sense seeing as Apple have a history of making us upgrade to their latest devices to get the latest features so would a 4 inch iPhone 6 be obsolete before it is even released?

Is a 4 inch iPhone 6 on the way?

iphone 6_comparison

How the new iPhone 6 measures up

Nobody actually knows but we do know that a 4 inch phone, without a significant overhaul of the features that matter, CPU, RAM, internal storage, battery and not just a camera overhaul, will have issues with iOS 8 as we all remember how slow the likes of iOS 7 was on the trusted iPhone 4.

So unless Apple has something special planned for iOS 9 or if they still continue with iOS 8 for a little while longer they have to make sure that they make it available to the masses and not just those who bought their latest model.

This could be Apple’s downfall as not everyone can afford to upgrade every 6 months or so and many iPhone’s have completely lost their trade in value because Apple are making their iPhone lineup as convoluted as that of the iPad and releasing a 4 inch iPhone 6 may be Apple trying to apologise for the issues with the larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models. It’s almost as if the company is trying to clawback its main customers but with cheaper Android-style models but with better specifications. However,  Apple may now find this tactic tougher than they first thought.

Apple need to step back and return to a simpler, more unified product lineup instead of being more and more fragmented if it wants to beat its rivals,  and this is something we only ever though we would say about Android.


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