Run Avast? You can now install the Windows 10 April update without it killing your PC


Last month Microsoft started rolling out the Windows 10 April 2018 update, the latest major update to its operating system.

However, scores of users running Avast Antivirus had reported problems trying to install the new update. Users took to Microsoft’s support forums to report that they had been locked out of their computers after installing the update.

The common theme between users making the reports was that they were using Avast Antivirus.

The issue was initially played down by Avast but days later both Microsoft and the cyber security firm investigated the matter further.

The result was that Microsoft began actively blocking computers which run Avast software from being able to download the April update.


It was then determined that the Avast Behaviour Shield was the cause of the problem.

“Luckily, we have found a way to prevent the problem and are now automatically pushing a VPS update to all customers which makes sure that the problem doesn’t happen,” read a post on Avast’s forum.

“The VPS number is 180524-08; all users running this version (or later) should be 100% safe.”

But now Avast have said a software update should fix the issue, with the company also posting step by step instructions on how to install the patch themselves.

You can find the instructions here – but you will need a USB drive and 8GB of storage, and a computer. Obviously.

Another solution that had been touted online was to simply uninstall Avast prior to installing the Windows 10 update and then reinstall it once everything is working normally.

This seems like the most logical solution, aside from holding off installing the update altogether.

And if you’re worried about protection, Windows Defender will turn on automatically after Avast is uninstalled.


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