Russia bans two of the world’s biggest adult sites – tells users to go and ‘meet someone in real life’


There is some bad news for porn lovers in Russia with news that the country’s communications watchdog has controversially blocked two of the world’s biggest adult sites – Pornhub and YouPorn.

To pin the blame purely on the watchdogs is perhaps a little unfair as they are only carrying out the wishes of the government.

When one user Tweet the official account of Roskomnadzor, Russia’s communications watchdog: “If you block Pornhub, could you offer an alternative?”, the official account replied: “as an alternative, you could meet someone in real life.”

It will be down to a Russian court to decide if the censorship is temporary or permanent at a later date but we do know that there be plenty of frustrated individuals is Russia at the moment!

According to the Moscow Times, this is not the first time that Pornhub has been banned in Russia.

In September last year they were banned after a court ruled that they breached child protection laws.

Pornhub responded in a typically light hearted manner with a tweet offering the Russians a premium account if they lifted the ban!


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