Russian Hackers Implicated in White House System Breach


A new report from Streetwise Journal alleges that the same hackers who breached the State Department system also accessed an unclassified computer system in the White House. The State Department attack, which went on for months, is being called the “worst” hack on a federal agency in history.

Fortunately, the breached system did not contain any classified information, but the hackers had access to the president’s personal schedule.

The breach comes as officials grow increasingly concerned of cyber threats from Russia. James Clapper, FBI director, said that the Russian cyber threat is even more severe than they had previously thought. Just recently, President Obama stressed the need to boost cybersecurity following the private sector breaches on Target and Sony.

This isn’t the first time the White House has suffered a cyberattack. Not too long ago, China was involved in a series of high profile attacks of employee emails and unclassified systems.

Lawmakers are pushing for new laws that would allow the sharing of information related to cyberattacks through the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, or CISA. But privacy advocates fear that passing CISA may jeopardize civil liberties if safeguards aren’t put into place. Those who are opposed to the bill are concerned that the new act would allow the government to obtain more personal information that may be used for surveillance.


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