Russian hackers read President Obama’s emails last year


Some of President Obama’s emails were exposed to Russian hackers as part of a White House computer breach last year. The hackers managed to poke around into the unclassified system, but no classified networks were compromised, according to the The New York Times this week. Apparently, the servers that control access to Obama’s BlackBerry smartphone remained secure.

Russian hackers infiltrate White House

According to those familiar with the investigation, the Russian hackers’ activity affected people in the White House with email archives and unclassified communications. Obama’s personal email was not affected, but some of his correspondence was accessed from the accounts of people that he communicates with frequently.

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The New York Times claims that the White House is hit by cyberattacks every day, but this one appears to be a more advanced and targeted attack.

“This has been one of the most sophisticated actors we’ve seen”, an official told the New York Times.

And earlier this week, it was disclosed by the Pentagon that Russia had hacked its unclassified networks this year, but there haven’t been any details provided about the similarities between the events.

Top level employees in the White House usually have two computers – one operators on a secure and classified network, and the other on an unclassified network. However, it may be possible that sensitive information (such as policy issues) made their way onto the unclassified network.

The breach has been known about for months by senior White House officials, but only revealed to the public this week. There have not been any details about how many emails the Russian hackers managed to obtain, or if the did indeed contain any sensitive information.

What can be done about the extent and spread of hacking in recent years? It seems that the incidents and severity of them is just getting worse.

SOURCE: The New York Times.


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