Russians now need to sign in with their PASSPORT to watch PornHub


People in Russia wanting to access the adult entertainment site Pornhub now need to login using their passport.

The news comes after the Russian government said that the site “was distributing materials that were harming the development of children” and is part of a move by regulators to restrict access to porn sites.

Originally, the site was banned in September last year although that ban was lifted some months later after Pornhub promised to verify the ages of visitors.

The age check has now been replaced by a prompt to log in to the popular Russian social network site called VKontakte which provides the user’s age and date of birth.

Pornhub have tried to pass the move off as being a time saving feature and that anyone bored of entering their age could just sign in with their “favourite social network.”

However, signing into VKontakte means that users can be easily identified as they are required to provide telephone numbers and copies of passports. This effectively means that anyone who watches porn can be easily recognised.

Pornhub have stated that none of the information provided by VKontakte can be seen by them and that no details are stored from their point of view.

Governments around the world have flirted with similar ideas in the past as they look to control the amount of porn that is available to their citizens.

However, setting up identification processes has proved costly and time consuming so most countries have not followed up with the idea. Of course, there will always be ways round such bans if people are desperate to get their ‘fix’.

Source: Vice


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