Samsung aims to bring 128 GB storage to more smartphones


Samsung made an announcement this week that seeks to solve one of the most annoying things about smartphones – built-in storage and battery life. The solution is basically to improve the storage needs for smartphones by increasing the built-in memory that users can access, using a special new high capacity chip that bumps up the storage yet uses less power.

Samsung announces special 128 GB memory chip for smartphones

Samsung already announced a 128 GB “UFS” 2.0 storage module for smartphones and tablets several weeks ago, but now the company says it’s making a 128 GB “3-bit NAND eMMC 5.0” chip for the same kind of devices. What a mouthful!

The UFS 2.0 type of memory brings very high performance (like an SSD) to mobile devices, and is used in the Galaxy S6 models. But UFS 2.0 is too expensive for many mid-range handsets and tablets.

Samsung 128GB eMMC

Samsung’s new 128 GB memory chips.

However, eMMC chips are cheaper, and are typically used in less expensive devices, so Samsung’s 128 GB eMMC 5.0 modules will be ideal. They are not quite up to the speed of UFS 2.0 in terms of performance, but still quite fast and able to reach speeds of 260 Mbps.

Samsung has also said that the new chips are “sufficient for supporting high-definition video processing and advanced multi-tasking features”,  and Samsung also pointed out that the speeds achievable are between four and ten times faster than those of a typical memory card.

Aside from the technical details, it’s apparent that Samsung is aiming to offer more storage on mid-range devices, not just its top of the range Galaxy S6 models. That may mean that the company is aiming to use unibody designs for its future mid-level devices (where the battery can’t be removed, and hence no SD card slot)

Samsung may also be interested in raising the bar when it comes to its basic phones. Instead of new models with just 8 GB or 16 GB of memory, the entry-level models could come with 32 GB or more, helping many users do without an SD card altogether.

Because Samsung manufacturers chips for other companies, it’s also likely that the new chips will help Samsung increase revenues, as OEMs will be able to order the new, high capacity 128 GB chips for use in their own devices.

SOURCE: Samsung


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  1. Dexter Marlowe on

    oh great! more space = more crap apps. while Samsung recognize battery life issues, they’re probably not inclined to address them. which other smartphone maker offers a 6-month warranty on batteries?