Samsung Begins Inserting Ads Into User’s Televisions


Ads inserted directly into Samsung’s smart televisions are being reported. News first broke on Reddit followed by users all over the world experiencing the same bizarre interruptions. Samsung did not make a quick statement regarding the problem, but Pepsi ads are being dynamically inserted into third-party content without users consent.

Users have stated that every 20 to 30 minutes, ads are shown.

Ads are being shown through the television’s third-party apps, such as Plex. Even content from hard drives that are being streamed have had the ad displayed. Foxtel TV, an Australian service, has also reported users having the same issue. A company employee states that this should not be occurring and is not part of their service’s current functionality.

First impressions were that ad displays were a function that accidently got turned on by Samsung. Other users report that the newest update to the Samsung Smart TV software has enabled ads and can be turned off via the Smart Hub, Terms and Policy section.

Samsung has recently responded to news inquiries on the matter. The television maker has stated that this is an error and that ads should only be shown with the consent of application developers. Will this mean a future with ad-riddled third-party content?

Samsung has also been in the spotlight this week due to privacy matters within the company’s privacy policy. The policy states that viewers should not disclose any private information in front of their smart televisions alluding to the possibility that viewers are being recorded. The company clarified the issue and states that their devices only capture voice commands, yet users are weary of the company.

Users have been vocal on the possibility of ads being inserted into their content. The consensus is that users are not willing to see ads through third-party, paid or streamed content.



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