Samsung confirms Thailand release of Galaxy S9 and S9+


Samsung tempts with new phones

SAMSUNG Electronics yesterday launched its flagship smartphone models, the Galaxy S9 and S9+, in Thailand. Customers placed pre-orders from March 9-11, with regular sales from March 16.

The launch marks the first time that the South Korean company has accorded Thailand the status of a first-tier market.

Wichai Pornpratang, corporate vice president, IT and mobile communications, Thai Samsung Electronics, said the country’s higher status as a market reflects not only sales volume but takes account of how active Thais are on Internet usage and social media engagement, as well as the sate of the of the 4G cellular network in Thailand.

“Thailand is the country with the world’s No 1 ranking for Internet usage, with people spending an average of five hours a day connected,” said Wichai.

 “The five most popular mobile activities in Thailand are messaging, video streaming, gaming, mobile banking, and maps. Meanwhile, around 90 per cent of Facebook usage is carried out on mobile phones while video content is the most engaging feature on Facebook.”

High penetration rate

The rate of smartphone market penetration in Thailand is almost 100 per cent, and marketing budges are in increasing in line with these sales volumes.

“We are still in a healthy position as market leader and will continue to maintain our market leadership with innovation,” said Wichai.

“Samsung will use artificial intelligence to create innovative marketing strategies. Augmented reality and AI will be technologies that based in the smartphones,” he said.

“On Samsung’s Galaxy Gift customer relationship management (CRM) platform, there are over one million users.”

The Galaxy S9 is offered with 64GB at Bt27,900, while the Galaxy S9+ is Bt31,900 for 64GB capacity, Bt33,900 for 128GB, and Bt37,900 for 256GB.


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