Samsung develops new battery technology than could charge your phone in just 12 minutes


Samsung has developed new technology that could help to charge the battery on your smartphone in just 12 minutes.

The technology, which allows a battery to charge five times faster than what is possible today, is made from a new form of graphene and has been dubbed a ‘miracle material’.

The ultra thin layer of carbon graphene is 200 times stronger than steel despite being just one atom thick.

The material created by the South Korean firm has been found to boost the capacity of traditional smartphone batteries by more than 45 percent and can dramatically reduce charging times.

The lithium-ion batteries used in smartphones today typically take around one hour to full charge, but Samsung says the new material can help charge a smartphone battery in 12 minutes.

Samsung say the new graphene can be attached to traditional batteries but that the intention is that it will be used in batteries for electric cars to help slash charging times.

The South Korean tech giant has invested heavily in battery technology after being forced recall its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after some devices caught fire due to faulty batteries.

Graphene, discovered by scientists from the University of Manchester in 2004, is the strongest material ever tested.

Last year a team also from Manchester University used graphene to make a special kind of sieve that could help to make seawater drinkable. A similar filter made from graphene was recently used to filter whisky clear.


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