Samsung ditches logo on Galaxy S6 smartphones in Japan


Samsung has decided that it’s going to sell the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Japan without its logo, according to the Korea Herald.

The company’s two new phones will be on sale from April 23rd in Japan, but won’t have the “Samsung” logo, unlike every other market where they are sold.

Instead, they will be marketed as Docomo Galaxy and Au Galaxy after the Japanese telecoms companies that sell them.

“We think the Galaxy brand has been well established in Japan,” said a company official.

Samsung’s move seems unusual, but it’s basically in response to struggles with establishing its brand in Japan, where it sells much fewer phones than Sharp and Fujitsu, amid a backdrop of tension between Japan and its native Korea.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Japan

No Samsung logo is present on its Galaxy S6 ads in Japan.

Samsung sits at fifth place in Japan with less than a 5% market share as of November 2014. That’s in sharp contrast to Apple, which captured more than 40% smartphone sales in the country in October and November 2014. According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, Samsung made up a tiny 5.6 percent of Japanese smartphone sales last year, as against its 25.1 percent global market share.

That position may have pushed the company to ditch its name and appeal to Japanese consumers on the strength of the Galaxy brand alone.

There were even rumours earlier in the year that Samsung might even exit from Japan after failing to make an impact in the country. But now, it’s giving the new phones a chance without any direct links to Samsung itself – it remains to be seen how successful that will be however, given that most Japanese prefer local brands and Apple iPhones.

Meanwhile, Samsung is pushing the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge phones heavily internationally, and aims to sell more than 7 million in the near future. The Edge version has a unique curved screen, and is selling especially well in South Korea.

SOURCE: Korea Herald


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