Samsung to launch Galaxy Note 5 in August


According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is to bring forward the launch of the Galaxy Note 5 from September as normal, to August. It’s widely believe that the change in schedule is intended to ensure the device is available before Apple’s September launch of the new iPhone, which is likely to dominate the tech media coverage around that time, as normal.

Galaxy Note 5 launch brought forward

In the past, the new Note models have always been launched at the IFA conference in Berlin during September. The Wall Street Journal only mentions one source for the claim, but it’s not the first time that rumours have said the launch will be brought forward.

Back in May this year, there was a report in Korea that said the Galaxy Note 5 would launch even earlier in late July, also saying the reason was to get a leg up on Apple’s launch. Another reason could be to take maximum advantage of Samsung’s new mobile payment service, Samsung Pay, but that’s now said to be pushed back to September in any case.

In the past year, Samsung was hit pretty hard by Apple’s new iPhone 6 and especially the 6 Plus, which helped the company generate record sales in the opening weekend and beyond. Apparently this year Apple is also expecting another big launch of the iPhone 6S (or will it be called the iPhone 7?) in September, aiming to manufacture 90 million units by the end of the year.

SOURCE: The Wall Street Journal.


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