Samsung Galaxy S10 to include 3D facial recognition camera


Samsung’s next flagship phone the Galaxy S10 will come with an iPhone X-style 3D-sensing camera for facial recognition used with security and unlock features.

According to The Bell, a Korean news outlet, Mantis Vision an Israeli start-up company is currently working with Namuga, a camera module manufacturer on a 3D-sensing camera solution for the Korean Tech Giant.

The company intends to provide the technology for the next generation of Galaxy S devices.

The report appears to be a valid one as Namuga is not only one of Samsung’s camera module suppliers but also directly supplies Intel with 3D-sensing modules for their RealSense AR cameras, and Mantis Vision is a specialist in the technology of in 3D-mapping.

Incorporating a 3D-sensing camera in the S10 makes perfect sense as this will be the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy smartphone series and will echo Apple’s recent efforts with their iPhone X.
This new addition would make the phone that extra bit special.

Neither the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus came with 3D-scanning capabilities, however, the devices did feature Intelligent Scan, a security feature that combined face and iris scanning that according to reports will not be featured on upcoming devices.

Samsung has put a strong focus on security for the next 12 months, with lots of new privacy features on their device planned including an on-screen fingerprint reader.

The Galaxy S10 is expected to launch in March 2019.


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