Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge video feels strangely familiar


This week Samsung showed off a new video on its YouTube channel called “Designing Possible”, which shows off the design process behind the new Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone. It’s a great video but it’s a little too similar to Apple’s video showing how the company designed the solid gold Apple Watch Edition.

Galaxy S6 Edge video shows off design process

Both of the videos feature men with English accents that wax lyrical about the design process of each company’s devices, and showcasing parts of the manufacturing process. The two videos are also very similar in terms of the cinematography, and they have almost identical images of components in a dark area as lights shine over them. The idea behind both is basically ensure people are aware of the attention to detail that makes up the design of the devices, the Galaxy S6 Edge and the Apple Watch Edition.

Even though both ads are similar, there are some differences. Samsung’s ad seems to be a little more focused on Samsung as a design company, whereas Apple’s ad is more focused on the product. It’s design chief Sir Jony Ive who speaks in the Apple ad, while the voice in the Samsung one is apparently British actor Richard Ayoade.

Apple Watch Edition Video

The Apple Watch Edition promotional video.

The new ad does possible signal a slight shift in Samsung’s marketing strategy, which in the past was mainly concerned with attacking Apple and poking fun at its customers. The change might be due to Samsung losing key differentiators against the iPhone such as screen size, user-replaceable batteries and a waterproof design, which are now not found in the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Even though Samsung hasn’t been accused of copying Apple’s adverts in recent years, the Korean company has of course been accused of copying Apple’s products, and lost several high profile lawsuits in the US in the last few years.

The Apple Watch Edition video can be found on YouTube below:


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