Samsung Galaxy S8 will let you make payments with your face


Facial-recognition technology will be available for mobile payments on the new Samsung Galaxy S8, according to a new report.

This cutting-edge security will make the device stand out from its rivals.

Using a blend of fingerprint, iris and facial recognition will make payments from mobile services such as Samsung Pay even more secure and Samsung are already believed to be working with leading banks although they have so far declined to comment.

The Korean giant needs to make a big impact after the disastrous Note 7, which is reputed to have cost the company US$6 billion and the detaining of de facto chief Jay Y. Lee as part of a corruption scandal. However, this won’t be easy pitting their device against Apple’s tenth anniversary iPhone.

Previous Galaxy phones have used facial recognition to unlock devices but the S8 will be the first to use the technology to verify financial payment applications.

Mobile security is becoming increasingly important to users and Samsung having been trying hard to lead the way in this field. The technology is in much demand not only by Samsung but from many if its competitors.

Apple is believed to have been developing facial recognition technology for a number of years, although it is yet to feature on any of its devices. Last week, the

Cupertino tech giant won a patent for technology that can detect faces using information in digital video feeds.

Samsung are trying hard to make their flagship device stand out, especially from up-and-coming rivals Huawei and Oppo.

The S8 will for the first time have a voice-based assistant similar to Siri.

The device will also use a more efficient organic light-emitting diode technology along with its full front screen, minus the home button.

Source: Bloomberg


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