Samsung Galaxy S9 release just 3 months away – here’s all you need to know


The new Samsung flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S9 could be just three months away with it expected to be launched in early 2018.

The news has not been officially announced by Samsung as yet but there are plenty of rumours circulating around the internet.

Competing with the Google Pixel in the Android market, both models are genuine alternatives to Apple’s iPhone X.

As the rumours are flying around, here are a few of the things that we do know:

Release Date

Although an exact launch date is unknown it would be reasonable to think that it will be some time in February or March.

That might be at a dedicated Samsung event or at the Mobile World Congress. One report even suggested that a launch may be planned for January with company starting work early on the phone’s OLED display.


The Galaxy S9 certainly won’t be cheap but whether they will try and make the device cheaper than the iPhone is an interesting question. Once again, we will have to wait and see!


The S8 was a success in terms of design so it is hard to imagine that the company will stray too far from this. The dual-lens camera is also expected to be carried over onto the newer model. As usual, it would be fair to assume that there will be the regular S9 model and an S9 Plus version.


We are expecting a new and improved processor to be used along with increased RAM and internal storage. Rumours suggest that it will boast a new octa-core Exynos chip with 4GB of RAM and the latest version of Android. It has also been reported that Samsung will drop the headphone jack on the S9.


Samsung are expected to once again push the Iris Unlock, Bixby personal assistant and DeX station which previously didn’t really take to the mainstream.


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