The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be even more expensive than the Galaxy S8, new leak claims


Perhaps not surprisingly, Samsung plans on raising the price of the Galaxy S9 phone by approximately THB1,500 with the device due to be unveiled next month.

Samsung’s new smartphone will be one of the most expensive on the market with the Galaxy S9+ being more expensive still, according to a report in ETNews.

As Samsung doesn’t have a fixed price, it is thought that the handsets will be priced higher in the US and Europe with the S9 predicted to cost £700 (THB31,000) and the S9+ £800 (THB35,000) meaning that there will be a significant increase compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S8.

The new smartphones will launch at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which is held annually in Barcelona on 25 February.

It is likely that it will only be then that have a clearer indication of what the price will actually be.

What we do know is that the new devices will look almost the same as the S8 and S8+ with the most notable cosmetic change being made to the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, which was disastrous on last year’s models. 

It seems that almost every detail about the new devices has already been leaked, but Samsung is yet to confirm or deny any of the speculation.


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