Samsung Gear S3: Thailand price and release date for Samsung’s latest smartwatch


Samsung have now revealed that its new Gear S3 smartwatch will be released in Thailand on 7 December, priced at THB12,900.

We first knew about the device when it was unveiled at the IFA Technology back in September when we learnt that it will be available in two contrasting styles which will be known as Frontier and Classic.

The two devices appear to be aiming at two different groups with the Frontier aiming for fitness fans with its waterproof strap and rugged design, whilst the Classic is more stylish and aimed more at those who are more fashion conscious, according to Samsung.

The new Samsung Gear S3 is seen as a major step up from the S2, largely due to the two very differing styles.

Samsung Gear S3

Both version of the Gear S3 include the same spinning spinning bezel that became synonymous with Korean tech giant’s previous wearable, and which remains a fairly unique design aspect in the world of smartwatches.

It is also possible for users to customise their watches as there will be a number of different faces and apps that can be downloaded straight to the device itself, rather than having to go through a smartphone first.

It should be noted that the S3 is considerably more expensive than the top Apple smartwatch. However, while it remains popular, unlike the new Series 2, the basic Apple Watch Series 1 does not have a built in GPS feature and it is not waterproof to depths of 50 metres.


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