Flying first class? Try Samsung Gear VR for free


Quantas and Samsung have just announced that first-class passengers will be able to try the “Gear VR” virtual reality headset for free during flights.


Gear VR available on Quantas flights – first class only

The Gear VR is a head-mounted display system from Samsung which uses a Galaxy Note 4 smartphone to power an amazing virtual reality experience for a mere $200. Samsung has now partnered with Australian airline Quantas to allow first class passengers to use the Gear VR for free during flights, and will be available initially to well-heeled customers with more cash than sense in Sydney and Melbourne International First Lounges, and in the first class cabins on some of the A380 super jumbo planes.

Gear VR Promo

That makes Quantas the only airline in the world that offers an in-flight virtual reality experience, but the program will initially run for three months and expand from there, assuming it’s popular.

It would be great if the live video from the front of the aircraft could be streamed into the Gear VR, so users would feel as if they were actually flying through the clouds – maybe this is an app they could develop for the headset…

“From an inflight entertainment perspective, it’s an industry first. Qantas is committed to being at the forefront of innovation to give our passengers the very best and latest in-flight experiences, like accessing the virtual worlds of their favourite Hollywood blockbusters from the comfort of their seat 40,000 feet above the ground” – Olivia Wirth, Quantas

Gear VR

The marketing shots nobody wanted leaked.

SOURCE: Qantas

Is virtual reality on flights an experience that you would enjoy? Or is it just going to far, now that mobile phones and other gadgets are allowed on planes, constantly beeping and buzzing during a flight?

Let us know in the comments below what you think about the Gear VR.


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