Samsung is really trying to convince people the Galaxy S8 won’t explode


Samsung’s next big smartphone release is just around the corner.

Where in previous years it was all about competing with the latest iPhone, the release of the Galaxy S8 is doubly significant as Samsung tries to win back the trust of users following the Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

As the Galaxy S8 will be the first major smartphone release since the ill fated launch of the Note 7, Samsung is going out of its way to convince people the new handset won’t have the same battery problems – or any problems at all.

Earlier this week, Samsung released a new video called “Quality Assurance: Extensive Tests”, which shows one of its smartphones (the Galaxy S7 Edge) being put through a series of rigorous tests including being soaked in water, bent, dropped and used in extreme temperatures.

In between each test Samsung says “our phones are extensively tested, retested, and then tested again” before saying “innovation is our legacy. Quality is our priority.”

All of which is pretty clear attempt to try and help rebuild trust in Samsung ahead of the launch of the Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8. Image: Evaleaks/Venture Beat

Samsung Galaxy S8. Image: Evaleaks/Venture Beat

There is probably more riding on the Galaxy S8 than any other handset in Samsung’s history, with the Korean firm undoubtedly feeling the need to get it right this time round.

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Samsung plans to use Sony batteries in the Galaxy S8.

Sony’s batteries reportedly use different materials and are more heat resistant, however, they are also less energy efficient, the WSJ claimed.

However, previous reports from Korea said that Samsung SDI and ATL, the manufacturers of the Galaxy Note 7 batteries, are also tipped to supply batteries for the Galaxy S8.

The WSJ also added that the Galaxy S8 will be launched at an event in New York at the end of March.


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