Samsung is rolling out Android Nougat updates – will your phone receive it?


Android Nougat 7.1.1 is about to be rolled out on some of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, making the South Korean phone maker the first to offer the latest build of Nougat.

It has been reported that Samsung have been testing Android Nougat 7.0 in a beta program on the Galaxy 7 and Galaxy 7 Edge for the last few weeks but other devices are now set to receive the Android update, including the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and Note 5.

However, according to other reports, Samsung may also choose to skip the 7.0 version and move straight to the 7.1.1 version although this has not been confirmed.

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Android 7.1.1 has several major improvements and upgrades including a range of new emojis, and the all new “launcher shortcuts” which adds 3D-Touch-style features to the homescreen and means you can access anything on your smartphone in no more than two or three taps.

The bad news is that the update will only be available to download on selected devices.

So far, only Google’s own smartphones, such as the Pixel, Pixel XL and Nexus 6P have received the update.

Android Nougat has been out for a few months now but only a select number of devices have been able to install or upgrade their software and Google says that this is down to the manufacturers whom they have delegated the rollout to.

To date only handful of new handsets have been confirmed to be shipped with Android Nougat, such as the Huawei Mate 9 and LG V20.

The news comes after Huawei announced that it would be rolling out the Android Nougat to some of its leading smartphones in early 2017.


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