Samsung launches 3 new wearable devices to rival Apple Watch and Fitbit


Samsung’s new flagship wearable is the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro which is capable of tracking several activities including those in a pool thanks to its 5 ATM1 certification for water resistance.

In addition, it also ships with Speedo’s training app, Speed On, which can track swimming distances such as lap times and strokes.

It will have a Super AMOLED curved screen that will enable users to stop and start workouts. The device allows users to customise goals and alerts.

If you are cycling, walking or running the device will be able to automatically recognise your activity without having to start anything manually.

It also has built-in GPS so that you can track your routes or workouts.

Samsung have faced criticism in the past when it has come to accuracy but the South Korean giant now claims to have rectified any issues.

The Gear Fit2 Pro has 4GB of internal storage and 512MB of RAM – impressive for such a small device. The wearable will also be able to play music online thanks to the company’s link with Spotify.

Gear Sport

Gear Sport

President of Samsung Mobile Communications Business, DJ Koh said: “At Samsung, we celebrate the everyday athlete – whether you’re going for a light jog, or training for your next triathlon.

“We have a long history of embracing choice and innovation, and our wearables are designed to help consumers of varying fitness levels meet their goals and aspirations. We want to help remove the stigma that fit can only mean one thing and that fitness trackers are complex and for only the most intense of workouts.

“Our new Samsung Gear wearables help consumers ‘go beyond fitness’ and enjoy an active, balanced and fulfilled life in a smart and seamless way.”

We are unsure when the device will be available but initial reports suggest it will cost around THB8500.

Samsung also announced the Gear Sport, which is described as a “stylish, yet practical with a minimalistic, circular bezel, Super AMOLED 1.2-inch display and improved user interface that makes it easy to view information, even when on-the-go”.

“With Gear Sport, users can work to achieve health and wellness goals, and receive nutrition management alerts and activity recommendations even when they are offline”.


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