Samsung mercilessly mocks Apple and the iPhone X in new ad campaign


Samsung may be one of the key suppliers for the iPhone X – providing the OLED display, but that hasn’t stopped them mocking Apple’s new flagship device.

In an advert for the Galaxy Note 8 available on YouTube, the South Korean giant has opted to show a sob story of man using an iPhone since 2007.

In the ad titled “Growing up”, the man becomes increasingly envious of his girlfriend who has been a loyal Galaxy Note user.

The envy grows year on year due to the Note’s better features, which Samsung heavily imply are far superior and always have been.

In the end the man decides to opt for a Galaxy Note 8 and is seen walking past queues of people waiting for an iPhone X, many of whom look ridiculous.

Samsung has a track record when it comes to mocking Apple. A few years ago when the iPhone 6 was launched with a larger screen, Samsung were very quick to point of that this is something that they had been doing for several years and Apple were merely following.

The Galaxy Note 8 is Samsung’s flagship device and although it was released well before the iPhone X, it offers its greatest competition.

The Galaxy Note 8 also comes with dual rear cameras with dual OIS, and huge 6.3-inch OLED full display with 18:9 aspect ratio and a larger battery than the iPhone X.

Pre-orders have resulted in the first batches of the iPhone X being sold out. Apple are working hard to ensure that the new stocks are received by stores as soon as possible to ensure that people aren’t disappointed.


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