Samsung Might Roll Back Its Software and Embrace Microsoft for Galaxy S6


Rumor has it that Samsung might be putting the brakes on TouchWiz with the Galaxy S6. New reports now suggest that Samsung might also be removing the majority of its own pre-loaded software. What will take its place? A myriad of Microsoft apps, according to reports.

If the rumors prove to be true, these are yet more signs that Samsung is rethinking its mobile strategy. The company plans on reducing TouchWiz’s performance impact and sticking mostly to stock Lollipop. But they will be removing most of their pre-installed apps, which means the Galaxy S6 might not have S Health, S Voice, S Note and other Samsung apps. It’s still unknown which apps Samsung will be removing, but these would be the most likely choices.

That’s not to say that these applications will no longer be available. Users can still download them from the app store as optional applications. At the moment, these apps come pre-installed and cannot be removed.

Of course, Samsung wouldn’t strip away their in-house apps without replacing them. Microsoft’s new collection of productivity apps may take the place of Samsung’s pre-installed applications. Among Microsoft’s productivity apps are Office Mobile, OneNote, OneDrive and Skype. Samsung’s current pre-installed apps are lackluster compared to Microsoft’s equivalents.

Samsung’s integration of Microsoft apps will do more than just benefit users. It will benefit Microsoft as well. The integration would help Microsoft gain a reach that the Windows Phone never could (not anytime soon at least). Exposing mobile users to Microsoft’s applications may lure them to the Windows Phone platform in the future. For the time being, it will help Microsoft achieve its short-term goals.

Details are still sparse as to whether or not Samsung will proceed with these rumored changes. But more information will be revealed during a special event on March 1 in Barcelona, Spain just before the Mobile World Congress begins.


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