Samsung patents a flying tablet you can control with your eyes


According to Technology website Lets Go Digital, South Korean Tech Giant Samsung has filed for and been awarded a patent for what is described as a “flying display device”.

This new Samsung tablet will fly with the aid of four propeller blades which we hope will be silent or so quiet not to disturb your mobile viewing pleasure. It is suggested the tablet will constantly remain in view as you move around by using facial track software.

Voice recognition along with obstacle detection and a vast amount of sensors including motion, accelerometer and gyroscopic will help the tablet navigate around your house. This has the potential to allow you to do your housework while watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

The patent for the new device was filed by Samsung way back in April 2015 and was published last week. As with any new invention just because you have the patent doesn’t automatically mean the device will be made and the details are scarce on the type of flying device it will be, smartphone, tablet or something completely new?

Samsung has filed many strange and unique patents, only this year it was announced that the tech giant is looking to develop a tablet with a roll-out screen that would retract into a canister when not in use and held in place by magnets.

Again as with the flying device, details on this roll out tablet are scarce but one thing is known the device components would need to be stored in the canister meaning the actual screen would have to be very thin.

Samsung hopes to reduce the carrying size of the tablet if successful this new type of tablet could fit in a person’s pocket. The patent design also shows a fingerprint scanner which when activated would unlock and unroll the tablet. You can view the design patent here.


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