Samsung Pay launches in trial service


Samsung has just begin a trial of its mobile payment service, Samsung Pay, and has started out with 1,000 people trialling the new service in South Korea.

However, a Samsung Card is the only credit card that can be used during the initial phase, and the service is also unavailable in places like Starbucks and gas stations. Mobile payment services cannot be used if the phone loses its Internet connection, so a backup credit card is necessary for emergency use, even after the service launches properly. So much for leaving your wallet at home, then!

Furthermore, Samsung Pay is only available on the Galaxy S6 range…

Samsung Pay trial starts

For those users trialling Samsung Pay, a new app called simply Pay is installed, which will eventually be available on the Google Play Store once it launches in full.

Registering a card is said to be simple – open the Pay app and press a button to register a credit card. And just like Apple Pay, you can either enter the details manually or use the phone’s camera to focus on the card. Up to 10 credit cards can be registered.

Samsung Pay can also be used when the phone is locked by swiping the screen from the home button to make a credit card appear onscreen. Making it easy for users is important, and the company has made it unnecessary to click an app icon or even wake the phone – rather, a fingerprint scan or password is all that’s needed.

Samsung Pay

After a card has been selected, users just need to hold their device near an NFC equipped payment terminal, after which you have 20 seconds to follow the directions.

If the trial is successful, it seems that Samsung will roll out Samsung Pay internationally. Apple Pay has just launched in the UK, and Google is also following its own initiative, Android Pay. We’re still waiting for a mobile payment system to reach Thailand – it looks like we’ll be in for a long wait…

SOURCE: Business Korea.


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