More Tizen phones are coming from Samsung


Samsung is apparently still keen to push its own operating system Tizen, according to a report from Reuters. The company plans more Tizen phones this year that will be available at varying prices.

Samsung’s current Tizen smartphone line consists of just one device – the $92 Samsung Z1. The smartphone launched in January this year and has since sold more than a million. The Z1 was also the best selling smartphone in Bangladesh.

More Tizen phones on the way

For anyone that bought the Samsung Z1, they’re unfortunately getting a terrible experience by all accounts. There aren’t many Tizen apps available and there are lots of weird user interface problems (such as home screens that will only display widgets rather than apps). Also, it feels like a copy of Android, which is free, so if you’re going to copy an open source product, it feels like a waste of effort.

Samsung currently offers Tizen on phones, televisions and smartwatches. While it might have some chances of success on TVs and watches, it’s quite hard to imagine that such a new OS will be able to compete in the smartphone market today. Samsung must build a Tizen ecosystem, but it’s currently hard to justify picking up a Tizen phone over Android.

The strategy of offering varying price points is interesting and it should mean we’ll get a higher end Tizen device at some point in the future. A $92 budget phone isn’t the ideal product to show off an operating system, so we’re already looking forward to new phones at the higher end.

SOURCE: Reuters.


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