Samsung Q7F QLED TV: Top-tier telly for your living room


By Paisal Chuenprasaeng

Super sharp and very smart, the Samsung Q7F QLED TV brings a touch of class to any home

A stunning addition to anyone’s living room, the Samsung Q7F QLED TV is a 65-inch TV with excellent 4K ultra HD pictures as well as plenty of fun IPTV and smart functions. Pictures are sharp and clear with good depth and dimension, the colours are vivid and the black level deep and satisfying.

Samsung says the display panel of its QLED TV is made of Quantum dot material, improving both durability and colour quality. Quantum dot technology allows the colours to look breathtaking and very real. The technology also provides very good contrast no matter how bright or dark the surroundings are.

Samsung Q7F QLED TV

The South Korean electronics giant adds that the Quantum dot display has 100-percent colour volume based on DCIP3, a common RGB colour space for digital movie projection in the American film industry, which explains why they look so real.

The Quantum dot display also supports HDR videos that allows movies shot with HDR technology to be viewed with stunning details – even in dark or shaded areas of the pictures. Combined with the HDR technology, all the details hidden in extremely bright and dark scenes can be seen, helping you enjoy what the director intended to show. And the Q7F TV has very good brightness of 1,500 nits too.

The benefits of the Quantum dot display don’t stop there. Viewing angles increase and the picture and colours can be enjoyed even from the sides. The DCIP3 also prevents burnin, a permanent defect in areas of a TV display that can be caused by the cumulative effects of displaying the same image or scene for long periods of time, sometimes even as little as one hour The Q7F has four picture modes – dynamic, standard, natural and movie.

During the test, I found the standard mode was more than sufficient to enjoy movies and TV programmes until I tried the dynamic, which boosted the picture’s brightness and clarity in a bright room.

Samsung Q7F QLED TV

The Q7F’s has a sleek and modern body and the optional Studio stand and Gravity stand merely add to its sleekness. The Q7F is designed to be mounted flat against the wall with a builtin mount. The wall mounting is easy to fit, with a hanger kit paper guide that you put on the wall first and drill the holes as indicated before hanging the Q7F on the wall.

A separate One Connect Box does away with messy cables. You simply attach the TV antenna and HDMI cables to the box then link a single optical to the TV. That means only the optical and power cables will hang from the TV when it is mounted on the wall. Both can be hidden in the stand for those who prefer their TV free standing.

The One Connect Box has four HDMI ports and three USB ports. The USB ports can be connected with external hard drives of USB drives for playing movies, viewing photos and playing music files.

The USB ports can also be connected to a keyboard and a mouse for more conveniently using the TV’s smart functions. For example, you can use the mouse and keyboard to move around web pages using the builtin web browser of the QLED TV.

You can also use the keyboard to key in username and passwords to various apps that can be seen on the TV or key in search keywords when you’re looking for YouTube clips. The Q7F comes with a Master Remote that functions as a universal remote controlling the devices of external movie sources as well. Best of all, the remote has a voice command button to control various functions.

The voice commands works quite effectively though this gizmo does prefer a correct accent. During the test, I managed to activate YouTube and Network apps. Setting up the Q7F for first use is easy.

The TV requires you to identify your country and tune in to terrestrial TV channels available. It also guides you to connect to Internet so that its IPTV feature and Smart TV functions can be used. I connected it with wireless connection to Linksys EA8500 with 802.11ac wireless connection and used True Online’s FTTX 30/5 Megabit connection.

Samsung Q7F QLED TV

The Q7F managed to tune itself to all digital TV channels available as well as several IPTV channels from South Korea that partner with Samsung.

The Q7F also connected to my TrueVisions satellite receiver box and TrueTV IPTV box. Set up recognised the boxes and offered me the option of using the Master Remote to change channels.

Providing connection is complete and you were watching TrueVisions before turning off the TV, the remote control will also turn on the TrueVisions box in one press when you switch it back on again, which is very convenient.

The Q7F’s navigation is presented in Smart Hub style that allows you to find everything from the Smart Hub panel at the bottom. The Smart Hub is displayed when you press the Home button on the remote, and it hides after you have selected your source or app.

I found that the HD Channels of terrestrial digital TVs looked sharp and clean. HDR 4K YouTube clips also played beautifully and the details were sharp.

I also tried playing Netflix 4K clips and iflix movies on demand with builtin apps on the Q7F and the movies played smoothly.

The Q7F also has boasts a very good sound system. When I played Netflix movies with 5.1 sound, the TV’s speakers sounded like they were connected to a home theatre system.

I also enjoyed watching movies on demand via the TrueTV box, which retails for just Bt1,990 but allows you to watch Hollywood Blockbuster movies free until the end of this year. TrueMove H customers can get the box for just Bt990.

I watched “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, “Beauty and the Beast” and “Rings” (2017) during the test. The movies were sharp and smooth and the sound was excellent.

The 65inch Samsung Q7F QLED TV retails for Bt139,990.

Samsung Q7F QLED TV Key Specs

– Screen size: 65 inch

– Resolution: 3840×2150

– Picture engine: Q Engine

– Motion rate; 200 Hz

– Picture Quality Index: 3100

– HDR: QHDR 1500

– Dynamic contrast ratio: Mega contrast

– Precision black: Local dimming

– Audio formats supported: Dolby Digital Plus, DTS

– Sound output (RMS): 40 w

– Speaker type: 4.2 Ch

– Smart service: Voice interaction, TV Plus, Web browser

– Wireless connectivity: TV to mobile – mirroring, Mobile to TV – mirroring, DLNA, Bluetooth, WiFi Direct, WiFi builtin

– TV tuner: DVBT2, analogue tuner

– Input/output ports: 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 Component, 1 composite AV, l Ethernet, 1 optical audio output, 1 RFin,

– Power consumption: 230W

– Dimensions (WxHxD): 1444.1 x 826.4 x 45 mm (without stand); 1444.1 x 916.7 x 376.9 (with stand)

– Weight: 24.3 kgs (without stand), 28.2 kgs (with stand)


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