Samsung to relaunch smartphone it recalled after some models caught fire


The disastrous Galaxy Note 7 is set for its relaunch under the name ‘Fandom Edition’ or FE.

On the outside, very little appears to have changed, it looks the same as the Note 7 but has a smaller 3,200mAh battery and is expected to be 30% cheaper.

The device will go on sale is South Korea on 7 July but at this stage it is unclear if it will be available anywhere else.

The Galaxy S8 was launched in April but the company is quick to point out that the Galaxy Note FE won’t compete with the smartphone.

Tom Kang, an analyst at Counterpoint Technology Market Research, told the Wall Street Journal: “The Note 7 is a unique product for Samsung.”

“This is a product for Note-series fans so it’s going to address a different market segment from the S8.”

We have been aware of Samsung’s plans to relaunch the device since February after they were put under pressure by environmentalists who were keen for the Korean company to ensure that devices didn’t end up in landfills.

The firm responded with three principles “to ensure the Galaxy Note 7 devices are recycled and processed in an environmentally-friendly manner”.

“First, devices shall be considered to be used as refurbished phones or rental phones where applicable,’ Samsung shared in the announcement.

“Second, salvageable components shall be detached for reuse.”

“Third, processes such as metals extraction shall be performed using environmentally friendly methods.”

The Galaxy Note 7 certainly did little for Samsung’s reputation and it is clear that the new FE device will not be released in the US or Canada, areas that the company came in for heavy criticism.


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