Samsung to release smaller, more affordable version of the Galaxy S8


Samsung is expected to be release a smaller and more affordable version of the popular Galaxy S8.

The current S8 and S8+ models have 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch screens respectively but the new S8 ‘Mini’ will feature a 5.3-inch display although thanks to its bezel-less nature, it will feel more like 4.7-inch handset.

The S8 has proved to be hugely popular and it is certainly one of the most attractive devices on the market at the present time and the ‘Mini’ is believed to look exactly the same – only smaller.

It will feature iris-scanning technology and have a 12MP camera which will appeal to many users.

Image leaked by Chinese tech site

Internally, not surprisingly, the Mini will be a slight step down from the S8. It will feature the Snapdragon 821 processor, have 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

The S8 uses the superior Snapdragon 835 processor and has 64GB of internal storage.

The criticism that the existing S8 and S8+ has faced is over its price but the Mini will be ‘significantly’ cheaper, according to reports from China.

In the past Samsung has tended to produce ‘Mini’ devices that were well below the spec of their larger compatriots.

This again received criticism and it appears that Samsung has taken note with the specs of the new device.

Samsung is yet to confirm whether the device will be manufactured but it is expected to be released later this years and we should gain a clearer understanding of Samsung’s plans in the next few weeks.


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