Samsung rumoured to launch foldable smartphone next year


If reports coming from South Korea are to be believed, Samsung will launch a foldable smartphone in 2017.

The Korean tech site, ET News, reports that the new device will look and be a similar size to the Samsung Galaxy S7. Once the device has been unfolded it will be approximately 7 inches in length.

No further information has been given on how the foldable smartphone will work, its specs or what it will actually look like, but rumours that Samsung has been working on and plan to release some kind of foldable phone have been circulating for a couple of years.

In January, Samsung Display director Director Lee Chang-hoon revealed that “Development of Foldable OLED is taking place according to our plan. We are planning on mass-production and release of this product by discussing with our partners.”

In March, Samsung filed a patent for a device with a ‘rollable’ screen which is expanded by pulled like the blind on a window.

A release of something as radical as foldable smartphone could make sense, given that the smartphone market is finally starting to slow down after more than ten years of explosive growth. Smartphone makers are trying to look for the next big thing.

Earlier this year LG announced the LG G5 with is compatible modules that can help bring new functions to a regular smartphone.

However, by releasing a foldable phone it could potentially shake the smartphone market and put Samsung at the forefront with its new technology.

Samsung, as always, has not comment on rumours about possible this new release, so we will just have to wait and see if there is any truth behind these latest rumours.



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