Samsung smart watch development ‘paused’


The smart watch war is hotting up, and even though not everyone is convinced by the technology just yet, it seems that Samsung has realised that its efforts so far have been fairly lacklustre.

Samsung smart watch strategy on hold

One of the bosses of Samsung’s mobile division last week announced that Samsung will pause its strategy of releasing a flood of smart watches based on Android Wear.

The official reason is that the South Korean company has already made lots of smart watches, and now wants time to perfect the technology.

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Samsung Gear S

However, unofficially, the comment was interpreted in many different ways – such as “smart watches are over” to “Apple has already won”, by the masses on the Internet, some of whom commended Samsung’s decision to take a break from smart watches.

Some of the readers on various Internet forums have suggested that Samsung’s main reason to pause smart watch development is so the company can obtain an Apple Watch to clone, saying that “Samsung Gear has been a complete joke and another failed attempt by Samsung to be first or relevant. They are waiting for the Apple Watch to release so they can copy that too.”

Other commentators on Internet forums said things like: “It’s Apple that might be in trouble, since they don’t have any major upgrade to the iPhone line. They added bigger screens, but there’s not much else to add, and Apple isn’t smart enough to engineer curved screens, so I doubt Apple can copy that strategy.”


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