Got a new Samsung smartphone? Samsung denies using recycled screens


Apparently there have been rumours this week that Samsung has been using recycled AMOLED screens in its new Galaxy smartphones. What?!?

Recycled Samsung displays?

The revelation (of the rumours, not confirmation that they’re actually doing that) comes direct from Samsung who posted a statement on its official blog:

There is a rumor that we have used recycled AMOLED display panels in our smartphones, but it is not true at all. Recycled AMOLED display panels have not been used at all in product manufacturing processes, while some of the panels have been employed for paid warranty services – Samsung

The last part about paid warranty services basically means that, if the customer consents, they’ll use a recycled display instead of a new one to reduce the cost of repair. Sounds like a fair deal as long as they do ask the customer, of course.

Here’s an extreme closeup of a so-called ‘pentile’ AMOLED display, as used in lots of Samsung phones:

Pentile AMOLED screen

Apparently, some cheeky rascal claiming to be a Samsung Electronics employee and was spreading the rumour on social news sites that recycled AMOLED displays are causing the quality of new Samsung phones to suffer. There were even pictures and videos attached of what looks like a Samsung factory.

This individual is not one of our employees and it is not sure if the place shown in the pictures and videos is our factory – Samsung

Unfortunately, we’ve scoured the Internet and we can’t find these highly mysterious pictures, so you’ll have to make do with the Thai cosplay ladies taking a selfie below, using what is more than likely to be a Samsung Galaxy S with a proper AMOLED display.

Cosplay Girls with Smartphone

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If you come across the rumoured recycled Galaxy screen pictures online, please let us know in the comments section below.

What do you think of this recycled AMOLED rumour? Is it just a hoax or is there an element of truth to it?


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