Samsung teases stunning Galaxy S9 camera in new video


South Korean Technology Giant Samsung has recently released a new teaser video giving away a few secrets of what we can expect from the camera of their upcoming S9 launch.

The video which lasts 30 seconds titled ‘The Camera Reimagined’ gives us an insight into a whole host of features that are being reimagined. The video hints at new types of emojis which could possibly be the Animoji feature that’s been rumoured recently.

Some emphasis is placed on numerous flashing lights that could suggest a change to the camera flash in some way, maybe multiple LEDs or a bigger flash, from the teaser it is unclear which.

Dark scenes are shown in the video that could be a nod to improved low-light abilities which would be a very welcome addition. Brief looping videos are also shown which may be an indication of live photos or GIF creation capability.

One thing that is prominent throughout the video is selfies, with some images showing multiple in one shot that could mean the S9 will be fitted with a wide-angle lens and have the usual array of stickers and effects to customise your selfie.

Hearts and likes similar to those seen on Facebook may indicate the camera will have some sort of social side to it. Although only 30 seconds in length there is a lot to absorb from the video and whatever messages we may think they are trying to tell us it’s still just speculation. This is not the first teaser video to surface about the camera which shows Samsung is placing a lot of focus on it.

The YouTube description boldly states “forget everything you know about the camera,” leaving us all intrigued as to how reimagined it will be. All will be revealed at the unveiling of the S9 on February 25th.


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