Samsung to drop Android in favour of Tizen OS, says report


The number one smartphone manufacturer in the world, Samsung, is considering moving all of its devices to their own Tizen operating system and away from Android, according to reports published in the Korean Times.

It had previously been suggested that the Korean company were considering using Tizen for their smartwatches but it now appears that they are looking to take this one set further.

According to the report, Samsung plans to “cut its heavy reliance on the Google Android platform. If you don’t have your own ecosystem, then you will have no future,” said an unnamed executive.

Samsung had launched their Z smartphones in India and these have proved popular with Indian consumers with around 64 million devices being sold.

However, the company would need something far more robust to conquer the market in the US and elsewhere.

Samsung has only just entered the game when it comes to operating systems but the executive said that “more incentives and support will be provided to Tizen developers,” although no more details were provided.

If Samsung were to follow this route it would be a huge blow to Google with the Korean giant only really challenged by Apple globally.

However, it is unlikely that any transition would be plain sailing with Samsung likely to experience a number of growing pains, especially trying to convince app developers to produce their products for a third major platform.

Samsung have spent a lot time building this ‘ecosystem” around Tizen so it appears that the move will come at some point with so much already invested.


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