Samsung to sell cheap second hand smartphones in its new refurbish program


According to the Reuters news agency, high end, refurbished Samsung smartphones will be available to customers from as early as next year.

The new program will refurbish and then sell phones which have been returned by customers who had signed up to be a part of the one year upgrade program and will be offered at lower prices.

At this stage it is unclear how much discount customers will get or in which countries the offer will be available but it seems a follow on from Apple who have sold refurbished phones in a number of markets including the US for some time.

The move would potentially enable Samsung to open up a new revenue stream and assist them in competing with the lower priced Chinese phones.

This will be a big plus when it comes to competing in markets such as India where the majority of customers simply cannot afford the high end Samsung products.

The move will not be risk free however, Samsung already has a number of mid-range devices and the sale of higher end, refurbished models could damage sales within this market.

No doubt Samsung will have done their research and decided that the move will be beneficial.


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