Samsung announces worlds first transparent 55″ OLED display


South Korean electronics giant Samsung has just showcased the industry’s first transparent OLED display. The new semi-transparent product has the highest level of penetration, reflexibility, and colour production, and is expected to make a splash in many industries such as cars, marketing and fashion, especially as it combines some of Intel’s ‘augmented reality’ technology.

Samsung makes transparent OLED display

Samsung Display, the division that makes all things screen-related, unveiled the augmented-reality system that combines its skills in OLED displays and Intel’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology at the Retail Asia Expo at the Hong Kong Convention Centre on June 10th.

It is apparently the world’s first transparent 55″ OLED display. Apparently the transparent panel has a 75% penetration rate and a 100% colour reproduction rate, which is a huge improvement on existing transparent LCD display which can only let 10% of light penetrate and reproduce colour at around 70% accuracy.

As newly-unveiled transparent OLED has a 75% penetration rate, it’s now possible to produce much sharper images than current LCD panels. The response time is also less than 1/1,000th of a second, so it’s likely to be favoured by many industries over LCD, despite its expected high price.

SOURCE: Business Korea.



  1. Now that is slick. Very futuristic. I think they are going to sell like hotcakes.

  2. Impressive.
    I wonder if its possible to give it a LCD back in order to make solid blacks rather then “black=transparent” that seems to be the case here. LEDs can, after all, only add light. To have a truely awesome transparent screen you need the alpha controlled separately to brightness.