Samsung launches a new “Ultimate Test Drive” for iPhone owners


Samsung has just launched a promotion aimed at iPhone owners. In an attempt to win over Apple users to the latest Galaxy smartphones, the South Korean electronics giant will allow iPhone users to try out any of the three new models for the “ultimate test drive” for a whole month.

Samsung tries to woo iPhone owners

To qualify for the offer though, customers have to visit a special Samsung website from their iPhone. Using a desktop web browser will tell you that you need to use an iPhone, and not just any mobile.

Once you have logged into the site with the right mobile, users will then be asked to choose their current mobile phone network – only those in the US however – and then choose which Galaxy model to try. Available models include the Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, and the Galaxy Note 5. The terms and conditions also detail the Galaxy S6 but it’s not currently shown on the selection page.

Upon selecting a phone, users just need to provide basic information such as name, address and contact details. The final step is to provide a credit card. Anyone who keeps the phone beyond the 30 day trial will be charged the full price, but those who return it within the time limit will just be charged $1.

After completing the steps, you’ll be charged $1 to validate your credit card details. After that it’s just a case of waiting to receive the test phone. It does come setup with a data plan but Samsung has not said if it’s a limited plan or an unlimited offer for those testing out the devices.

Users on the Internet have noted that Samsung does not place a hold on the credit card you’ve registered, which means that the company has no way to guarantee they’ll be able to charge the full price to the card if it isn’t returned in time…



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