Samsung unveils new 4K TV that disappears when you’re not watching it


Samsung has unveiled its new 4K ‘invisible’ TV that is designed to blend in with your wall – almost like a chameleon.

Using its Ambient Mode technology, Samsung new range of QLED TVs can blend into their surroundings making them appear almost invisible.

Samsung says the new technology can mimic not only the colour but also the pattern of any wall that behind the TV to create a quite incredible visual effect, which appears to make the TV blend seamlessly into the wall.

And rather than having a blank space on your wall, the TV is also capable of displaying useful information on the screen whenever it is not being used. Information displayed includes the date, weather and traffic reports or news headlines.

To further add to its appeal, the TV includes Samsung’s new Near Invisible cable which not only supply power but is also used as the connection to other devices such as a set top box.

The cable is available up to 15 metres in length, meaning users no longer have to position their TV near a power or data outlet.

The new Q9F TV delivers stunning images by using Direct Full Array technology, which can independently adjust colour and brightness to ensure the darkest levels of black and purest whites.

There’s no word yet on when the TV will be released or how much it will cost but don’t expect it to be a bargain!


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