Samsung will release two bendable phones in 2017


What has been a long term rumour, reports from earlier this week have given the strongest indication yet that Samsung will release two bendable phones in 2017.

Bloomberg has reported that the release will include one version that folds in half similar to a cosmetic product and a second version that will have a 5 inch screen that opens to become around 8 inches in size.

Although Bloomberg does not directly name its source, only only citing those that are “people familiar with the matter” they are suggesting that the first device be launched at the Mobile World Congress in February.

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The bendable phones are codenamed “Project Valley” so it appears unlikely that they will be launched under the Galaxy S name.

The idea has been around since as far back as 2013 but it wasn’t until March this year that Samsung patented a design for a foldable phone that has a screen that expands.

Samsung foldable smartphone

Samsung foldable smartphone concept

Only last month, the Samsung unveiled a prototype of display that would enable a smartphone to be rolled up small enough to fit in the pocket of its user.

Perhaps the most important component of the device, along of course with the display is the flexibility of the battery.

Back in October last year, Samsung SDI, the company’s battery producing arm, showcased two ‘slim and limber’ batteries known as Band and Stripe that were aimed at devices such as smartwatches and other wearable accessories so it appears that it may be something on these lines that will be incorporated into a bendable smartphone.


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