Samsung invents world’s largest disk: a 16 TB SSD


Samsung just announced a couple of new smartphones but that’s not all that it unveiled yesterday – they also announced a huge 16 TB flash memory drive (also known as an SSD, or solid-state drive as there are no moving parts).

The announcement is pretty important because even though flash memory is advantageous over spinning disks for its speed, usually it doesn’t result in very high capacity drivers. By comparison, the largest magnetic, spinning disk drive typically available today is between 8 to 10 Terabytes (TB). One TB is equivalent to 1000 GBytes.

Samsung 16 TB drive is world’s largest disk

When we say the largest disk, we obviously mean the highest capacity, and it’s made from something called NAND flash die tech. This combines with a special 3D stacking method to fit more storage into the same space. As traditional flash chips are arranged flat on a 2D surface, but now Samsung stacks several layers of memory cells next to each other for the greater storage density.

Samsung 16 TB SSD

This is the largest disk in the world – all 16 TB.

Samsung showed off the new technology with a server that contained 48 of the new drives, capable of 2 million operations per second (in contrast to typical consumer SSDs which max out at about 90,000).

The whole drive fits into a 2.5-inch hard disk enclosure, though it’s slightly thicker than those found in laptops. The price of the new disk was not announced, though it’s aimed at the enterprise. Estimates suggest that it might cost as much as $5,000. Current 2.5 TB SSD drives from Samsung sell for around $1,000…

Samsung did not announce a price, but it’s currently aimed at the enterprise. ArsTechnica estimates the drive will cost more than $5,000. For reference, a 2.5 TB drive from Samsung currently retails for $1000…

SOURCE: ArsTechnica.


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