This is Samsung’s new, curved Galaxy S6 smartphone


The screenshot above is our best look at Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone, and comes courtesy of T-Mobile in the USA.


The Galaxy S6 has a curved screen on multiple sides

The chief executive of T-Mobile USA, John Legere, tweeted news that the so-called ‘un-carrier’ will definitely offer Samsung’s latest device, but he didn’t reveal any more details on the company website, aside from the picture. Regardless, the page that he linked to shows a pretty clear shot of one side of the Galaxy S6’s curved display, which is said to be curved on both sides this time, and it’s also expected that the phone may curve on the top side. Why use a curved screen? Notifications and additional status information can be shown, making better use of the phone’s screen real estate.

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From the front side, the Galaxy S6 looks very similar to the Note Edge. The dark grey metal back looks very attractive and is a huge step above the plastic back and fake leather on previous models the company has released.

Galaxy S6 Leaked Pics

Are these the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge?

The phone itself is reported to use Samsung’s own Exynos chip, said to be 30% more efficient than previous generations, eschewing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 this time around. This will be the first time that Samsung uses its own chip across the entire flagship lineup, as it previously used different chips for different markets.

We can expect an end to all these teases and leaks when the phone is officially released at Samsung’s “unpacked” event on March the first (this Sunday), the day before Mobile World Congress 2015 kicks off in Barcelona, Spain.

Are you getting excited about Samsung’s new Galaxy S6? Is the design a major improvement over previous models, and what about that curved screen? As always, let us know in the comments below.