Samsung’s new invisible TV doubles up as a picture frame


Samsung have launched a TV that doubles up as a picture frame and doesn’t need turning off.

The new device known as “The Frame”, is an ultra-thin TV with a wooden case that when placed in ‘Art Mode’, turns into a picture rather than just turning black.

It comes in two different sizes, a 65-inch version and a 55-inch version that come with bezel options of white, beige and walnut shades of redwood.

Samsung claimed that the new sets are “ushering in a new era of television” when they were officially unveiled in March, and on its website describe The Frame as “The most beautiful TV you’ve never seen”.

“The Frame empowers you to think about TV in a new way, bringing art and entertainment into new parts of your home.

“This is how television transforms—and becomes an essential part of your lifestyle,” said Dave Das, SVP Consumer Electronics Marketing for Samsung Electronics America, in a press release from March.

Samsung The Frame

The Korean giant believes that people want TVs to reflect their personal tastes and lifestyles better.

Yves Behar, a Swiss designer who helped design The Frame said, “The Frame is a beautiful display designed specifically to bring walls to life whether it is in use or not. The Frame is not just another television, but a new experience of displays in the home.”

There are currently 100 pieces of art that are preloaded onto each TV and owners of The Frame will have access to Samsung’s Art Store that will give them access to another 300 pieces created by established and emerging artists.

The Art Store will receive regular updates to incorporate work from more galleries, museums, and artists around the world, allowing Frame owners to build up their collection and show off more of their unique and eclectic styles. 

The Frame can be ordered from the Samsung website for customers in select markets but as you may expect it doesn’t come cheap, with the 55 inch model costing $1,999 and the $2,799, while a choice of optional coloured bezels that help personalise your screen cost an addition $200 or $250.


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