Samsung’s smart contact lenses could let you control your phone with your eyes


Samsung may be working on smart contact lenses that could let you control your smartphone or tablet with your eyes.

Samsung has reportedly filed a patent for the contact lenses which are said to work by projecting images straight onto the eyes of the user.

The patent was revealed on the popular Samsung blog SamMobile and was first filed back in 2014, although it is not known if the patent has ever been approved.

The patent shows diagrams of a regular contact lens fitted with a miniscule camera, antennae, built in display and sensors which are used to detect movement and blinking, suggesting that blink patterns could be used to open apps on an accompanying smartphone or take photos.

The description of the patent claims the lenses could be used for augmented reality and would perhaps provide an even more immersive experience than the current crop of virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard.

Samsung Smart Contact Lens

Samsung smart contact lens patent. Image: SamMobile

The discovery of the patent however, does not mean that smart contact lenses will be available to buy any time soon or even that Samsung is working on this or a similar product currently.

However, the Korean tech giant isn’t the only company to show an interest in developing some kind of virtual reality or ‘smart’ contact lens.

Google has previously developed its own smart contact lenses which include biometric sensors and can be used to help people with diabetes track blood sugar levels.

In 2015, Google also filed a patent for a contact lens that included a miniature camera which could be used to help the visually impaired in everyday situations which could otherwise be dangerous such as crossing the road.

The possibility of smart contact lenses could be a huge development in wearable and smart technology and the impact it could have on us all.


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