The Saygus V2: All you could ever want from a smartphone?


When if comes to smartphone manufactures, the chances are that Saygus is probably one name you’re not all that familiar with. However, that is about to change.

Launched at CES 2015, the Saygus V2 (pronounced Saygus V-square) is a device that is jam packed with the very latest cutting edge technology, which on paper at least, just about blows every other smartphone available today out of the water.

On first site the Saygus V2 perhaps doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary but delve under the hood and this multimedia powerhouse is already being dubbed the worlds first ‘super smartphone’.

The Saygus V2 offers up to 320GB of storage space, which is comprised of 64GB of built in storage, with slots for two microSD cards, each of which can store up to 128GB of data.

Saygus V2

The 5 inch display has a resolution of 1920×1080 with corning Gorilla Glass 4. The phone also boasts sound by Harmon Kardon, wireless charging and a fingerprint scanner.

The rear facing camera offers a whopping 21 megapixels, whilst perhaps more impressive, the front facing camera packs in 13 megapixels, both of which offer optical image stabilisation.

As equally as impressive as the cameras and storage capabilities of the Saygus V2 is the construction quality.

The phone is housed in an IPX7 case which is made from magnesium and aluminium and which is fully waterproof.

The screen is further protected by a carbon Kevlar bumper with more carbon reinforcing the back of the phone.

Saygus V2

pic: Phonesarena

Perhaps least impressive is the V2’s processor which is largely unexceptional given the rest of its high specifications. The phone is driven by a Qualcomm 801 Snapdragon processor which runs at 2.5GHz with Android 4.4.4, which can be updated to Lollipop.

Saygus is aiming for the device to be available by March 2015 but as yet, there is no information on an official release date, although Chris Baker, Saygus VP for corporate development said the phone is too good not to be available worldwide.

There is also no word yet on final pricing but you should expect the device, with the specs detailed above, to be in excess of $1000, maybe more if the final version includes an updated processor.

Saygus is a mobile startup based out of Salt Lake City, which is run by self proclaimed smartphone enthusiasts that want to make the absolute best mobile device possible and it seems that the Saygus V2 is a pretty good attempt doing just that.