Scientists say THIS is how to make your smartphone battery last longer


We’ve visited the moon, climbed the highest mountains and found cures for some of the world’s most most dangerous diseases but mankind still hasn’t found a way of ensuring our smartphones can make it through a full day without running out of juice.

Now chemists have released information on how you can make your smartphone battery last longer.

We’ve all heard the same old tips before such as letting your phone run out of battery completely before recharging overnight or turning it off when it is not being used.

But experts say that these and many of the battery saving tips we have been told over the past decade are wrong and out of date for modern smartphone battery technology.

They suggest NEVER letting your device drain out of power completely as this can actually reduce the capacity of the battery over time.

They also say you should not leave your device turned off for prolonged periods unless it has at least 50 percent charged.

Allowing your phone to get too hot (or too cold) can seriously damage your battery and impact on performance and you should avoid leaving it in a hot car or taking it to the beach or the pool.

This video from the American Chemical Society explains the science behind not letting your battery drain completely and making sure you don’t let your phone get too hot.

Quick tips: How to make your smartphone battery last longer

  • Do not let your smartphone battery drain completely
  • Do not leave your phone switched off for long periods of time
  • Do not leave your phone unused for long periods of time
  • And most important – do not let it get too hot

Some additional tips to enhance battery life

  • Shutdown additional apps working in the background
  • Switch off GPS
  • Turn off push notifications
  • Keep your software updated
  • Make sure you manage your screen brightness

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