Secret Conversations: Here’s how to encrypt your chats in Facebook Messenger


Facebook has completed its roll out of end to end encryption for its Messenger service.

The ‘Secret Conversations’ feature was announced back in July and had been available to some users since early September.

The company has now confirmed that all of its one billion users are now able to use the feature.

Secret Conversations is available in Facebook Messenger and provides end to end encryption between two devices.

End to end encryption means you can keep your Facebook Messages truly private.

No one will else will be able to access your conversations, with the only people able to read the messages are you and the recipient. Facebook won’t even be able to access them and they are not stored on any of the company’s servers.

The new feature is available to all users, but you will have to opt in in order to activate it.

There are actually two ways to use Secret Conversations.

First, is by tapping on the new message icon and selecting “Secret” located in the top right hand corner just before you start chatting with your friend.

The other way to enable Secret Conversations is to open an existing chat, tap on the name of the recipient and select “Secret Conversations” in the settings menu.

After you have enabled Secret Conversations you will also be able to choose the length of time a message is visible. For example, if you set a time for 10 seconds, the recipient will only be able to see your message for 10 seconds. Users can set the timer from 5 seconds to a full day.

While enable the feature adds an extra level of security to you Facebook Messages, it does come with some downsides.

For example, you can’t use the feature when sending video, GIFs or voice messages and it can’t be used on any of your old messages either.

To use Secret Conversations you will need to download the latest version of Facebook Messenger on your smartphone or tablet.


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